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1% Down Payment on Home Loans

Buying a home is a serious step forward in life and a big financial commitment. Fortunately, Tap Money partners with top lending institutions to help you find not only the right long-term loan, but also the financing options that allow you to afford a down payment today. No more saving up for years and years just to make the first down payment—now you can pay as low as 1% of the home price up front and your mortgage plan will take care of the rest.

Low down payments mean more options now

When you buy a home, you make a purchase for the future. Your home needs to be one with room to grow into—but at Tap Money we know that funding a home large enough for your growing family in the future is tough. We’ll help you find mortgage plans that require extremely low down payments up front, so you can find a home large enough for all your plans and have the cash available to move in this year.

How it works

Usually, low down payments are made possible with help from a government partner or the lending bank itself. Your down payment covers a certain percentage of the total home price and then you’ll receive a grant or gift to match and increase that down payment to meet lending requirements. It’s how our real estate market enables and encourages families to purchase the homes they truly love.

Contact us to learn more

There are many different home financing options available from countless lenders. Let us help you cut through the noise to find eligible options that meet your current financial abilities. Contact us via our contact page, email us, or give us a call during business hours seven days a week. We can meet in our Norcross office to discuss making your dreams a reality!

A home is within your reach—let’s make it happen! 404-445-3333