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Guidance for First-Time Homebuyers

Are you searching for your first home purchase in Atlanta or Norcross? Congratulations! This is an exciting new stage of life you’ll remember forever. At the same time you navigate a whole new world of real estate terms and property buying pros and cons. But don’t worry—here at Tap Money, we make your homebuying journey stress-free, exciting and memorable for all the right reasons!

A helping hand

Our team in Norcross has years of experience in home financing and knows the ins and outs of buying and selling homes in the Norcross and Atlanta area. We know the local market extremely well and are excited to guide you through your first time buying experience. In particular, we want our customers to feel empowered and confident about choosing their home financing options. We make sure to explain your situation and potential mortgage options in straightforward terms. Armed with knowledge, we then do the leg work of finding eligible loan options, empowering you to have the education and advice to select what’s right for you.

Special programs

Thanks to a host of great programs designed to help families buy their first home, purchasing a home keeps getting easier. Here are nine that are exclusive for first time buyers!

  • FHA loans
  • USDA loans
  • VA loans
  • Good Neighbor Next Door
  • Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac
  • Energy Efficient mortgages (EEM)
  • FHA Section 203(k)
  • Native American Direct loan
  • Local grants and programs in Georgia

Call our office today to learn which programs you and your family are qualified to receive. Tap Money can explain the details of each program and help you evaluate your personal situation to identify the best programs for you. Once we help you select a program you’re eligible for, we guide you through each step during your application to ensure you’re getting the most benefits possible. Contact us today to get started on your first-time homebuying experience!

Learn about exclusive programs that help first time homebuyers! 404-445-3333