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Getting a New Construction Loan Just Got Easier

Yes, that’s right: Tap Money also helps you finance building the house you’ve always wanted. Tap Money will help you with a new construction loan for a custom home. We’re dedicated to serving our communities and helping families build their dreams. What better way to help our community than to help streamline the process of a new construction project in our area?

Why finance a new build?

The Tap Money team wants to make the process of applying for a new construction loan effortless. We believe that financing through a new construction loan allows you to build exactly what you need and want. We know that building a new home impacts your finance and credit score, so we make absolutely sure you have the right loan options at your fingertips. With our help, you can spend your time focusing on creating a beautiful, custom-made future.

The Tap Money advantage

At Tap Money, we help you finance a loan with personalized, local attention backed by top national resources and lenders. We sift through the noise and countless options on your behalf with a clear understanding of your home owner profile and needs. Then we present you with only the best options relevant to your project. Our loan products are available for any residential real estate transaction, including brand-new construction. Sit down with our real estate experts and see what our team of professionals can bring to the table for you. We’re the loan center that makes financing effortless!

We’re ready to help you start building—call today! 404-445-3333