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Renovation Loans to Upgrade Your

Sometimes, you don’t need to move your whole family across town to get the home of your dreams. It may be possible to get exactly what you need by renovating your current property into something fresh and new. Contact the Tap Money team to find out how to make a home renovation an affordable reality. Let’s create your dream house, right at your home!

What kinds of renovations can I finance?

Whether you have a weekend bathroom project planned or a major kitchen overhaul, Tap Money is ready to help you cover the costs. With years of expertise in the home improvement industry, we’re your partners to connect you to financing solutions that work best for you and your personal home needs.

We are excited to help you with the following projects:

  • Whole house remodeling
  • Bathroom updates
  • HVAC
  • Patios
  • Basement renovations
  • Roofing and foundation repairs
  • Kitchen renovations

First-time homebuyer renovation loan programs

First-time homebuyers with limited budgets can often move into a top-tier neighborhood if they’re willing to purchase a less expensive home that needs some renovation work. There are a few special loan programs for that, including the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 203(k) rehabilitation loan and the Fannie Mae Home Style Renovation Mortgage. These options are for those buying a new home for themselves who plan to do some updating and renovating. Essentially, these loans allow you to purchase the home with a reserve that’s put in escrow to fund renovations. This process makes it financially feasible for families to afford both a home purchase and subsequent renovations. Tap Money is glad to walk you through the specific guidelines, terms, and qualification process of these loans. Our team will help you create your ideal home in a wonderful neighborhood!

How to start

Planning a home renovation is easier with Tap Money. Contact our team, and we’ll help you evaluate your plans, design, and contracting quotes to put together different financing options. You don’t have to do the research or meet with a variety of lenders, because our team will do all the leg work for you so you can put your attention toward a great renovation design.

Ready to renovate? Call our team! 404-445-3333